Kaiser Wilhelm Memorial Church de Egon Eirmann

We’re not very happy with the result of the World’s Cup but we wanted to do our own tribute to the winning country. Choosing the building we like most about Germany, specifically Berlin can be tricky.

For me the list is endless, starting with the Neue Nationalgalerie by Mies, Hans Scharoun’s Library, The Free University by Candilis, Josic and Woods or any building of the Interbau 57 (Gropius, Niemeyer, Aalto, Le Corbusier …).

As I said I could talk about any of them and probably I have left out some.

However, I will talk about one that really surprised me. At the moment we live is difficult for something to surprise us. Infoxication is one of the characteristics of the current way of life and is destroying the wow factor. We collect hundreds of images every day without hardly digest them and that leads us to believe that we are all learned.

We know everything but do not really know anything.

That moment was so important because when you think you’ve seen all a work that excites you appears: The New Kaiser Wilhelm Memorial Church of the German architect Egon Eiermann won by competition in 1957.


image from http://egon-eiermann-gesellschaft.de

The new Church either forced or cause (media pressure made ​​the ancient ruin was maintained although originally proposed demolition) respects and celebrates the past.

It consists of two separate volumes that were built to serve as Lutheran Church, and he does it masterfully.

news_eiermann2_xlimage from www.joostmeuwissen.nl

Eiermann used the octagonal Church (the powder) prescast concrete filled with a coloured glass grid that filters light to the interior. The hexagonal and more vertical volume (lipstick) has the function of bell and remains lower than the ruin not to compete with the old church, which although it was consolidated structurally the damaged by the bombing remains intact, becoming the memory of the horror lived in the Second World War. His intention was that each piece told us about it own history. 





images from www.joostmeuwissen.nl

And that can now be read in the building system. The principles of the Modern Movement and the Vanguards (Russian constructivism) underlie the structure made of precast concrete on metal frame that forms a double sheet wall that isolates the interior from the exterior


image from www.joostmeuwissen.nl

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