Loving Jose Gourmet’s Packaging

Jose Gourmet_compota m Jose Gourmet_vino m Jose Gourmet_pack 02 m Jose Gourmet_pack 01 mTrout or sardines?

Once you’ve seen these amazing products you will be so absorbed by the graphics that you might not think about if you like trout or sardines most

Jose Gourmet_PET TOMATE 1 m


Illustration Marlene Couceiro

According to the Portuguese company, Jose Gourmet, they use this beautiful packaging to grab our attention in order to encourage us to taste them. However, it has not worked with us… We love so much Luis Mendonça´s design, that we still have some of their cans (non-open) at home since long time ago and they are about to expire!

In Jose Gourmet they think there has to be a balance between work and fun, it is pretty clear they got it.

Different artists draw each of the graphs of the canned products.

Jose Gourmet_Madalena Matoso_3 m


Illustration Madalena Matoso

Jose Gourmet_Marta Madureira_2 m

llustration Marta Madureira

Illustration Yara Kono Jose Gourmet_pack 02 m Jose Gourmet_pack 01 m Jose Gourmet_compota m

They also have other products like oils, wines and jams.
Jose Gourmet_vino m

images by Jose Gourmet

Their job is to select the best products of small producers and their motto could be “stay away from industrialized products, get closer to natural and value Portugal.

There are several sites where you can buy Jose Gourmet’s products in London, but as we want to keep their spirit we will tell you only one, the smallest one, the more beautiful one: A Portuguese Love Affairin Columbia Road.


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